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“It has the narrative quality of a historical novel”
Moris George

“It depicts, in a powerful narrative way, the struggle and the strength for survival”

Ο Επιζών Παύλος Διαμαντής Μαρίλλη Διαμαντή

The survivor

In the gloom of World War II, humanity experienced suffering and violence on a terrifying scale. A dim light of hope in this darkness was the resistance of the people.

During the years of the Occupation, the Greeks, subject to the collapse of their dignity humiliating them and of hunger making them physically weak, organized themselves to gain back their lives.

A true story

This is how the Diamantis brothers proceeded. But the struggle was demanding. It was hungry for peoples’ lives. They did not hesitate to sacrifice their own lives on the altar of freedom.

But what happens when one brother, Pavlos Diamantis, escapes out of the firing squad alive? How will he manage this unexpected fate?

The author, through the daughter’s lens, along with historical references, portrays his and his family’s struggle.

Ο Επιζών Παύλος Διαμαντής Μαρίλλη Διαμαντή

Marilee Diamanti

The author of the historical narrative The Squad Survivor – A Second Chance, was born and lives in Athens, is married and is the mother of three children. She has a great interest in history with a focus in World War II and its aftermath.

Μαρίλλη Διαμαντή

They wrote about the book

“The book "Squad Survivor - A second chance" by Marilee Diamanti outlines in a powerful narrative way the struggle and the strength to survive.”

dyomagazine.grΠρόταση για βιβλίο

“A tribute full of love to a courageous man!”

Κλέαρχος Περγαντάς

“Such kind and unassuming forms are hardly forgotten. And then how can anyone not cry while reading your book?”

Νίκος Ζητούνης


A Second Chance

Marilee Diamanti