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Marilee Diamanti

The Squad Survivor

A second chance

A historical account of a true and shocking event that took place in area of Fthiotida during the Second World War.

During the Occupation, in the dark places of the resistance to the Occupier, and in the hours of betrayal, the struggle of five brothers, daring youths who fight to win the freedom of their homeland.

Five young people who fight drawing their strength from their love for their country. Christos, Theodoros, Efthimios, Katina and Pavlos assert liberation through their struggle. They are overtaken by a relentless pursuit, their capture, their execution and death.

Fate dictates that Pavlos cheats death and survives the firing squad, even though he is also struck with the final gratuitous shot. Another struggle, that of survival, gave him a second chance, an additional life.

Marilee Diamanti SQUAD SURVIVOR A Second Chance